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The Free Cease and Desist Letter Generator | CeaseAndDesister complaint letter generator

The Cease and Desist Letter Generator

Use this website to easily create a free cease and desist letters from a variety of different templates. PLEASE NOTE: this web app is still under construction!

1. What type of cease and desist letter do you want to generate?

Copyright Infringement: Your products have been copied without permission. Debt Collection Harassment: A business is unlawfully and continually attempting to collect money from you. Trademark Violation: Your registered trademark has been used or copied. General Harassment: A person or business is harassing and/or stalking you, or anything of this nature. Defamation and Slander: A person or business has said or published untrue things in order to hurt you or your business's# reputation. Non-compete Agreement: A previous employee has agreed not to work with any of your clients, but has not honoured this agreement.#

If you need more help selecting the right type of cease and desist letter, you might like to visit the wikipedia article: Cease and Desist to get started. If the type of letter that you're looking for isn't on the above list feel free to email and I'll do my best to help you out.

2. What type of item is involved in the infringement?

Book Article Video Software Graphic Other:

We'll use your selection here to determine how to tell the perpetrator about the product that they've unlawfully copied.

3. What is the name of your item? If it doesn't have a name, enter a description.

Name: Description:

For example, if it's a book called "Pigs Are Born In Stys" - then that's exactly what you'd write in the above box (without the quote marks). If your item doesn't have a name, choose the second option and write a short formal description such as "photograph used on front page of".

4. Are you you acting as a company or an individual? Select the appropriate option and then enter the corresponding name.

Individual: Company:

These details will simply let the reciever of this cease and desist know who they are in conflict with.

5. Are you sending the letter to a company or an individual? Select the appropriate option and then enter the corresponding name. (If individual, enter name similar to "Mr. Smith" or "Ms. Doe")

Individual: Company:

These details will be used to address the perpetrator of the infringement.

6. Which country's copyright laws do you intend to use to fortify the cease and desist notice?

United States Canada United Kingdom Australia Other:

The country you select in this section will determine the laws and codes which are cited in the letter.

7. How would you like to send the cease and desist letter?

By email By post... [Perpetrator's Full Name or Company] [Perp's Street Address] [Perp's City], [Perp's State] [Perp's Post Code] [Your Full Name or Company] [Street Address] [City], [State] [Post Code]

If yo kuurfdlt. moncler discount code uku choose to send the letter via email, we'll simply ask them to reply to the sending email address. If you are posting the letter you'll need to input your postal address and their postal address to be included in the letter.

8. Enter the date you intend to send the letter in the form "26th January, 2018":

This date will be displayed in the head of your letter. Enter the date that you will send the letter.

(Don't worry, you can still come back and change things)

DISCLAIMER: The generated agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and it is recommended to seek legal advice before sending. , understandably, can not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of you using the generated document.

complaint letter generator

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Lemon Law Complaint Letter Generator

Burdge Law Office > Lemon Laws By > Ohio Lemon Law > Lemon Law Complaint Letter Generator About Us

Known nationwide as a leading Lemon Law attorney, Ronald L. Burdge and his team of legal professionals have represented thousands of consumers in "lemon" lawsuits and actively co-counsels and coaches other Consumer Law attorneys. Our lemon law lawyers handle cases in all Ohio state and federal courts, all Kentucky state courts, and all Indiana federal courts. We frequently are asked to handle cases in other state and federal courts and are able to do so by special admission on a case by case basis with local co-counsel assistance. Our goal is always to give you the best result and the most economical Lemon Law help possible.

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Complain About Poor Facilities or Equipment LETTER CATEGORIES Acceptance Acknowledgment Advice Announcement Apology Application Appointment Appreciation Approval Authorization Cancellation Claim Collection Complaint Compliment Condolence Confirmation Congratulation Cover Credit Delegation Directive Disagreement Discipline Dismissal Employment Encouragement Endorsement Error Farewell Follow Up Fundraising Get Well Gift Goodbye Goodwill Government Inquiry Introduction Job Offer Holiday Inform Invitation Love Notification Order Persuasion Recommendation Referral Refusal Reprimand Reference Reservation Resignation Response Request Sales Social Event Suggestion Sympathy Termination Thank You Transmittal Welcome All Topics English Spanish Sample Letter #1

We wish to express our concern regarding the bathroom facilities in Doe Park on Main Street. Because of the park's convenient location, our neighborhood children spend many hours after school playing on the playground equipment. Although we ask them to come home to use the bathroom, they sometimes use the park bathroom.

Some of us visited the facilities this morning and were horrified to see their condition. Vandals have broken the toilet, leaving a gaping hole over the exposed sewer. The children claim it has been that way for weeks. The graffiti is appalling. Until something is done, the bathroom is definitely off limits for our neighborhood kids.

Please, either close the facility or repair it immediately. It presents a clear danger to the public health, to say nothing of the moral pollution it represents. We the undersigned ask that your office take swift action. We will be happy to cooperate in any way we can.

Sample Letter #2

I have enjoyed my membership at the fitness center for the past two years, but I have recently avoided the spa because it is so unpleasant. The shower room is especially bad. The floors have become grimy and littered with paper towels and partially used bars of soap. The non-slip mats between the stalls are disintegrating. It simply does not look or feel clean anymore.

I would like to retain membership in the center, but I also want to get good value for my money. I hope these conditions can be improved for the benefit of all concerned.

Sample Letter #3

Our club, The Doe Cloggers, held clogging instruction in the basement of your bank last night. When I rented the facility, I made sure your secretary understood what we were going to do and even invited her to come. Imagine my surprise when we arrived to find the floor covered with heavy shag carpet. Obviously, shag carpet does not go well with clogs. I think it only appropriate that your bank refund our rental fee. You can mail it to me at my address below. I am sure you will understand. I look forward to my refund.

Sample Letter #4

I need to call your attention to the poor condition of the playground equipment outside our apartment. The swings are damaged, the paint is peeling, and most of the bolts which should attach the slide to the rest of the unit are missing. The equipment has been in this poor condition since we moved here and poses a danger to the children in the complex.

Please would you have it repaired or removed? I would be happy to assist with any labor that may be involved in removing it. Unfortunately, I am unable to deal with the problem on my own, as the equipment is anchored in concrete.

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